The workshop master : Michel Farrugia, french painter and painting trainer

Born in Guelma (North Africa) ; originally from the Malta Island, student at the Angoulême and Sète school of fine arts. Member of the International Academy of Lutece in Paris, he started his exhibitions in 1991 in Limoges and in La Grande Motte, Cognac, Bastia, Marseille, Paris, Cannes, etc.

Today, Master Workshop in Sernhac, Le Grau du Roi and Sète, it's objective is the promotion of his students, directing them towards the creation in their particular styles, so they can reach their full art. One of this latest works entitled "La Naissance d'Eros" appears in the Encyclopedic Dictionnary of International Modern and Comtemporary Art in 2004/2005.

In Octobre 2010, his work on the theme "La Lumière Humaine" was exhibited in New York. Drafted by the A.L.A.F. its latest painting will be exhibited at the "International exhibition of Culture and Art" in Canada in 2011 as part of the O.N.U. imposed of the theme of "La Liberté" (see tab above "The Art Gallery").

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